Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Making of King-Maker – Bhaiyya Raja!

There is apparently no need of introduction for Crime Master GoGo (Bhaiyya Raja) but still for those who does not know him I will give a brief introduction. Crime Master GoGo’s full name is Raghuraj Pratap Singh; he is an independent MLA from Kunda, Pratapgarh, UP. Currently he is a Cabinet Minister in Toddler’s (Akhilesh Yadav) regime. 8 criminal cases are against him. I am not good statistician so I will take liberty of saying 8 ± 5 cases. He is known as “Bhaiyya Raja” among his supporters.
The first time I heard Crime Master GoGo name was from my Grand Father. My ancestral roots are from Uttar Pradesh, so politics has to come naturally to my family. I must be around 15-16 then. In a brief introduction I was told that Crime Master GoGo is a very powerful man in Pratapgarh. No one, Yes NO ONE can rule other than him in Pratapgarh District. This man holds the key to five constituencies of Pratapgarh; he has got full support even when he fields without party. He does not need A Lotus, A Haathi or A Cycle. He just needs audience to mesmerize.
It is worthwhile to understand the political frivolity of him. A BJP guy initially, helped BJP by taking out all Thakur’s to dissolve Babe’s (Mayawati) regime. In later years something happened between him and BJP, and it was BJP who started filing cases against him. Soon it was joined by Babe’s government too.
When the Softie’s party SP came into power, within 25 minutes all charges were dropped against GoGo. Its amazing ain’t it? People spend their lives fighting Indian Judiciary System and a person who was jailed in POTA act (A repealed act) get’s charges dropped against him, and that too within minutes. It was an intervention from Supreme Court that stopped State Government to dismiss charges against GoGo. It could have been a personal vendetta of Babe’s (Mayawati) Government to frame him. Looks like Babe framed lot’s of innocent person’s like GoGo in UP. Currently Toddler is asking state courts to revoke more than 4,000 cases against innocent powerless people.
It was a promise from Toddler (Akhilesh Yadav) and his government that there will be no “Gundaraj” and there will not be any tainted ministers. Nation’s irony is that Crime Master GoGo is not only Minister for Food and Civil Supplies Ministry but he has got Prison Department as well under his hood. Maybe he understands the Prison System well enough as it was his home for substantial time and moreover he was able to control elections while being in jail.
This man hold’s key to entire Pratapgarh and neighboring Bihar (Not state) constituency. There should not be even an iota of doubt that GoGo is a favorite of SP and holds sufficient clout among UP’s Thakurs. The Softie (Mulayam) is a National Kingmaker and his Kings-Man-ship draws from King-Maker’s like GoGo. It will be interesting to see in future how things shape up. As of now GoGo owns status, and it can be seen when his supporter’s with utmost surety chant –
Vote Nahi Rasgulla Hain,
Kursi Khullam Khulla Hain.

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