Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not Anymore

 And finally she said "Please don't call me anymore". Words stuck like a spike. So "NO MORE", indeed no more. A heavy burden accumulated over the time finds an instant release. The enormous Diasporas with the sacrilege meaning brought to an evident, but an abrupt end. It does not only bring a sense of relief but also numbness.

You wish now just if you could have anticipated it. It was there just hour-glass was missing. The instant gratification now will be remorse. You could have avoided it as you think that you are scrupulous enough for the deity. Many days have passed and still thoughts are wet with the sorrow that brings autumn rain. The profound joy which knows of your existence, still entices, but they always say "How long?" and the answer is "Not anymore".

A dark side exist within each of us, the failure to admit it, is not an acquittal. How long can you tryst with your words? One day words will surely fall back, and then you will just be succumbed to the abyss of thoughts, which will occult the venom inside you.

You remember when it rained, and she danced like no one is watching her. The drops over her eyes cast the shadows even beneath the sun. There was a minuscule auburn drop ready to fall off from her nose tip, you wish if you had been there to catch it. Even you could have identified the moist eyes, irrespective of the rain but "Not Anymore".

There was a sound close to the door, and the floor creaked. There was freshness in the air and that aroma of her was still there. You never told her about the silkiness of that thread around her neck. You were even afraid to touch it, they were jasmine or the lavender. It never occurred to you, that the lavender, does not exist anymore.

You remembered the dust trails which she left over your mind. You hear those echoes of laughter on the silliest and dumbest jokes. The adorableness for everything. She painstakingly listened to all the things accumulated in the mind and eventually she retorted to "NOT ANYMORE".

Will I live or die? OR I will live to die? "Not Anymore".

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

मैं संत नहीं


सोचने का अंत नहीं, इसलिए तो बंद है.
मन कपाल, फूटते नहीं, इसलिए तो मंद है.
जो मन समझ सका तो क्या ? वोह तन को पसंद नहीं.
हार हार, हर बार, कही इसलिए तो मंद नहीं ?

युद्ध का अनाद है, यह, शिखर पे बसा नहीं,
पातळ समेटे हुए, विदुर बना ना कही.
समंद समेटे सका, इसलिए तो बंद नहीं ?
हार हार, हर बार, कही इसलिए तो मंद नहीं ?

जो ना पुछा, वोह कहा, जो ना कहा, वोह ना रुका,
द्वन्द्ध में फंसे हुए, ढेरो धुंध है कही,
अंत निकट आ गया, इसलिए तो बंद नहीं ?
हार हार, हर बार, कही इसलिए तो मंद नहीं ?

मस्त राग अलापते, नींद में है खो गए,
स्वप्न दिस्वपन बनें, खो गए है कही,
मन निरंकार नहीं, अब अंत निकट है कही,
हार हार, हर बार, अब अंत है तो, है सही.
अंत है तो, है सही.

चाह नहीं मन की, अंत तो है, हो गया.
कम नहीं, रण सही, अब तो ख़तम हो गया.
अभिलाषा तो पूर्ण हुई, सताओ और मुझको नहीं,
हार हार, हर बार,  क्यूंकि मैं संत नहीं,
क्यूंकि मैं संत नहीं.

Image Courtesy : http://swapnilnayakphotography.wordpress.com/2009/05/

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Chronicles of the Narnia

Watch out the video : Customer Complaint and then go to the Link . If you were able to do this, Kudos (Jujitsu) to you as Kudos sound like JUDO, now read the gibberish below.

For those who can't see the video or don't want to read through the link, just an outline: Video is about a guy whose expensive guitar was mishandled during a flight of United Airlines. This guy tried to get compensation from United Airlines for almost 8 months, but he was never heard. Eventually he decided to pull a 3 series musical video praising United Airlines and Airline came back to him with apologies and offered a compensation.
Service providers need continuous more "Inceptions" like above, perhaps this will motivate them to resolve things quickly, am glad that this guy invested his time in this "Paranormal Activity", otherwise most of the complaints just have no "Impetus". This reminded me an issue with "A" mobile service provider, I paid the bill but somehow the bank transaction went to "The Dark Knight", and as it always happens, that "The Money" was deducted from my account. Within a short span I had multiple calls from "The Million Dollar Baby" that "Why you have not paid the bill". To each of the "12 Angry Men", different divisions of "A" I had to explain that this is all what has happened. They asked me "To Kill A Mocking Bird" by Faxing the receipt, I did, they asked me to say "You Have Got A Mail", I did. Similar kind of "Zillion" things from multiple "Dogs of The Reservoir". I asked them, that, don't you have a consolidated case number, so that I don't have to start from zero to explain the entire thing, every-time to different "PSYCHOS" of your organization. Absolute lack of "Tryst" amongst different group of "A". After an "Armageddon" of days and multiple gist of calls, they were able to track "The Joker of Dark Knight" (transaction). I demanded an "Apology" and waiver in bill for the inconvenience caused to my "Beautiful Mind". Eventually I gained some useless local minutes (None of my GF's were local) and I said "Life is Beautiful".

This gave a paradigm shift to my thought, as "Back to the Future" someone said "One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind". If they screw you, in-turn you can ask them to "Find Nemo" in "The Shutter Island". One of my close friend was having continuous issues with network and I encouraged her, in fact dared her like Arindam do to IIM's ,that I bet you can't get money back from those cellular company guys. Just to prove her ability to take on "The Lion King" she called "A" and went "Into the Wild" for 4 hours. She was not aware that she is just being a helpless "Avataar" of Abhimanyu lost in Chakravyuh. Ohhh come-on losers, she does not "LOST" it though she succeeded in getting a cash back on her bill. Respect: "Jhansi ki Rani", you need to teach normal people how to fight for their rights in the "Fight Club" otherwise "There will be Blood".

I was quite happy with my "Tryst's" till I met "A Few Good Men" who lived in "No Country for Old Men". They had a persistent issue with the cellular service provided and these guys were capable of convincing the cellular morons almost "Any Given Sunday" for a waiver in their bills. These guys were the real "Desperado".

Epilogue : Finishing off the post as I am just being "A Manchurian Candidate" I request all of you to "Redeem the Shawshank".