Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Musings

 You don't care for me anymore. It is only work, which entices you. I hate watching English movies. I don't understand an iota of it. You like alcohol and, what if am not a social drinker. Don't I have my personal choice. Sometimes I wish, if could smoke, I would have done it over your face. May be I could have absolved all my sins, in that mushy cloud of smoke.

Ohh God, you want me to clean up all the dishes, maintain  the house and, to keep a sober face, in front of your parents. Sometimes, I think of you as a scum, and, if you are worth of it or not. I just hate you from the core of my heart. You know I want to say it over your face, but just that fragile personality of yours, which is yearning for love, shakes my resolutions. Someday am gonna leave you, then take your dishes to your mom and and that stupid sis of yours. They will do all that for you "Mama's Boy".

Have you ever thought, that how much I want to fight with you, but that silence Ohhh man, "The Great Silence". Do you think that, you are one of siblings of Gandhi ? Non-Violence - my @$$. He never got Nobel and now people are saying, that he was a racist. You are not even sexist, and you will get a Nobel prize for that tiny Rs. 30000 job. How can someone be so unsuccessful in life, I know you can manage it. You are good at managing unsuccessful things.

That stupid mom of yours wants me to make her a grand-mom. Do you have any dumbest thought in your mind that what will happen to me ? It takes a lot to achieve this figure. I have sacrificed Chocolates, Cakes and even Golgappas. Just one go and everything is over. No one bother to give a second look at your face, as you and I both know that, you are just okay. Also, what about the stupid 9 month pain ?

I was just thinking that Big Boss is so much full of losers. That @$$ Banti Chor was kicked out of the show, I wish if you would have been there, he at-least would have remained there for another episode. Ahhh it makes me think of Salman, Come-on, don't be jealous of him, he is manly enough and speaks his mind, what if he was not successful in his relationships, he looks so HOT.

Am feeling sleepy and see you are sleeping again, and that is why I hate you so much. You just don't want to even argue and prove me wrong.

Whatever am sleeping and I JUST LOVE YOU, ignore it, I don't know why I said it.

P.S. -  This has originated from a male mind, inspiration has been various whining sessions with male and female colleagues/friends, who are enjoying the silence of marriage. :-p

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