Sunday, February 08, 2009

The "Yaap" Effect - PART - I

I regular converse with a Junior of mine. He says that you pour a lot of SENTIYaap. Eventually when someone is really emotional (Emosanal these dayz after Dev D), we term it as being Senti and "SentiYAAP Machana".

I was raised in the heart of India, which is really a nagri of GALI's (curses) and I am fond of using Gali's . I just love them. Just dwell into your mind (Not can't even think of the Senti content behind the regular curses) and imagine your long lasting friend saying be******D to you. If this will not return a smile, write that be*******D to me. I will smile.

Eventually over the time the regular gali's and the word got a YAAP-effect over them. Go to any of the instis...Please let it be engineering one (they are the original weirdos and all behind these shits. This has been runnin in the veins of all the generations and more to follow) perhaps you will stumble upon a lotta YAAP words.

Ask an idle guy..going through AOE (Age of Empires) or a really engaging session of CS (Counter Strike) or Warcraft, "be******D kaha joojh raha hai?" the answer will be "Nothing yaar just FOKIYAAP" . This resembles the idleness of the guy, the FOKI's etymology lies in the root of Marathis, where FOKAT means - Free of cost. This fokat over the time was shorten by the guys and became FOKI. Believe me whatever am pouring over here is a part of my own FOKIYAAP.

Another one is the CHUTIYAAP, really the word Chutiya in itself is huge and when we go towards the mythological findings we may fine the explicit use of it. I believe some of the GOD must have said this to any Devil (Rakshas) - "Abbe CHUTIYAAP na machao, kalti karo (must be during samudra-manthan)". This word is even used in Hyderabad which I just confirmed with my roomie. Now here are the few sentences which you may hear every now and then.....

A guy always senti for a gal - "Bandi ne CHUTIYAAP" macha ke rakha hai".
A guy after the exam - "Kya CHUTIYAAP paper tha bhai, kasam se ..LE LI".
Even we dont spare weather - "Subah se CHUTIYAAP macha ke rakha hai barish ne".
I don't know how come the MACHANA word got associated with the CHUTIYAAP, but I believe that when some CHUTIYAAP is involved you can only "MACHAO" that.

I have got more on this...that's why terming this as PART-I. If 'janta' likes this then I will pour more over this. It's night and am feeling like "PONDIYAAP", and dat too "BHAKKAM" hence, will come back later...