Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Silence Breaker - Barfi !

There is not even a shred of doubt that Barfi (Man Mohan Singh) is an astute politician and one of the most educated people which Indian Politics have known. The opening line meant to convey that Barfi has got more than solid credentials for the role which he is performing. SleepingGhost has got little political bent so he is not aware about credentials of Amul Kid (Rahul Gandhi). If you are reading this, then please feel free to drop achievement of Toddler (Akhilesh Yadav) to SleepingGhost. My apologies I meant achievements of Amul Kid not Toddler. These so called young politicians all look alike to me. Toddler is anyway featuring in all cheap Tabloids today for his short term achievements. 
So yesterday it was indeed a good/bad Friday for India in terms of opening up of economy. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in retail and aviation. Disinvestment in Public Sectors, an increase in Diesel price, a limit to LPG and a probable rate cuts from RBI. For investors and business people this is definitely a good move. A boost to saddening economy and Sensex has already moved past 18000. The SleepingGhost’s personal opinion has been always towards liberalization and opening up of economic front which is not at expense of the poorer people. 
Moving back to the topic, this is about Barfi. The last when he took a stand and played with his allies was when UPA was dwindling with Nuclear Issues. Agreement with USA and other countries was being criticized harshly, and even brought a distrust motion in parliament. Barfi defended it, and defended it well. He ensured not only defending the government but he created such an environment in Indian Politics that there was absolute zero alternative to UPA. I will say it was not UPA win but people were to choose a lesser Devil and they opted for Barfi’s coalition, just because they were stable. I really don’t know where NDA was then, after Atal they are still in recovery phase. 
Once in a blue moon Barfi has to stop pleasing his allies and has to do real work. Voila - Oops He did it Again!!
The never stopping Anti-Maoist RailGadi (Mamta Banerjee) will perhaps be leading the front for upcoming weeks. Again it is to the Diaspora of SleepingGhost that why RailGadi has to oppose everything good. NDA is also collecting itself to meek these reforms weakly which were once their own brainchild. It is still unsure if Softie (Mulla-Yum Singh) the Shot caller will be uniting with RailGadi to throw her under the train again. There was some mention in the news about possible talks of Softie and RailGadi though. 
Over all a Brilliant move by Barfi and he mentioned about biting the bullet (Rajnikant Syndrome) and if he has to go down, he will better go down fighting. We citizen of India rarely expect such words from dear Barfi and it gives us goose bumps when Barfi roars with agility. Barfi, you are a great fellow and there would not have been any problem, if you would have disassociated yourself with the named Gandhi’s and showed some real balls to your allies and Congress. 
Hello NDA if by any chance you are reading this, I can only say that collect yourself, give yourself a leader, A FACE. Stop speculation around the country, otherwise definitely country is going to Amul Kid or some Softie! (SleepingGhost will rather refrain from mentioning “The Dogs”!)

PS - Going forward if you guys are going to read my posts, please keep yourself updated about the nick names. Soon I will stop quoting the real names in brackets, also the new names mentioned will be left for guessing.
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