Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Ever Ambitious Softie - Calling Shots !

Today it's all over the news, the Softie aka Mulayam Singh is thrashing Congress for corruption and the Coal Scam.
It is disappointing yet wonderful for people like Mulayam Singh to speak. The person in question was Chief Minister of a power less state (In terms of electricity only) for more than 8 Years. Over the time, and to set up for a larger role in Indian Politics, this Softie handed over the reins to toddler Akhilesh Yadav. I won't compare sad Amul Kid with the Toddler because any day I will pick Toddler over Amul Kid. Still power holders are within the family itself.
Just few days back this person presumably left our very own Mamta Banerjee red faced over the ire for Presidential elections. Mamta thought that she has got everything to shackle the government but she never knew that Softie is a Devil's Advocate. What was promised or how Softie Changed the tune within 2 day's, still remains behind the curtains.
Another long love association was Amar Singh; Ahh there was so much love in the families. Our KBC, Amar Singh and Softie were all splashed up in media for such a great friendship. Soon Amar Singh's own political ambitions became his own agony and he was sidelined. Amar Singh who was the reason and man to led our KBC into Softie's Fort was deserted by KBC as well. No idea where Amar Singh is these day's, the last when I saw him was when Toddler won the UP elections.
In past Softie had association with Congress, Mayawati (Am not mentioning BSP because it is my personal opinion that BSP is Mayawati), Janta Dal, he formed his own political party. As of now he has set up toddler in UP so there is not even a shred of doubt that Softie is set for the sky. The eye is for the top spot which will be vacated by Barfi (MMS). 
I personally see, that this extreme opportunist with no principal, and reason behind his political foray is going to dilute India as much as he can. The only agenda in the Softie's mind is gaining power, what-so-ever the means be.

Looking at the projections it is very likely that there will be hung parliament in 2014, and then with his usual knack, Softie is going to call shots!

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