Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Biryani King – Kasab and Beyond !

Today entire nation is discussing about the political scenario and what will happen next. This all has perhaps snatched the sheen from our Biriyani King – Kasab. In a recent development it is known that happy-go-heart Biryani King has filed a mercy plea to Pranab Da and that too in our beloved Hindi.  
Here onward I take a brief mentioning the statistics behind Mercy plea. Total 52 people have been executed in India since independence and that is the official Government record. About 30 Mercy pleas are awaiting decision from President of India. A few of them even dated back to 1992. The workflow for Presidential pardon is outlined below – 
Mercy Petition --> President of India  --> Home Ministry --> President of India --> Final Result. 
Now going by the above workflow, it is difficult to comprehend the reason of so many pending Mercy Pleas. The only reason which I can guess is that, every government is afraid to face ire’s of their political supporter’s.  Without being afraid, it can be clearly stated that Government lacks balls and keeps on appeasing the political parties across, even for the death sentences. Many of the apolitical convicts (total 35 convicts) were granted clemency during Iron Lady 2 (Pratibha Patil) regime which raised eyebrows across media and social platforms (The easiest platform where intellectuals roar). The surprise factor was that one of the pardoned convict was not even alive. Anyway the article is not about taking dig at Iron Lady 2, I can only wish her safe travel. 
There is zero prediction about case of Kasab. There won’t be any clemency for him and moreover decision might come fast for him. The reason he won’t be offered clemency is that he has no affiliation with any political party, he is not Indian and any organization(s) (other than the one’s for Human Rights) are not even thinking to come forward, because of public criticism. 
This Biryani King has to leave our MotherLand. It's strange that why Biryani King is afraid of becoming Shaheen (Shahid) and why even he is filing mercy plea. It’s a personal wish of SleepingGhost that may our Biryani King gets those "Shaheed's Perks and Privileges" in heaven, which were promised to him before attack.
Indian judicial system has anyway let you live this long, yes we know death is cruel and so do you. We don't want to see you again. Get out and get out soon Biryani King!

PS - Simple demands from SleepingGhost to President of India –
  1. These Death Row awaiting convicts already have screwed up life. Take a decision if you want to let them live or if they should be gone. Since 1992 people are waiting – Seriously?
  2. When President of India is going to confirm on the clemency of Afzal Guru, The Veerappans associates or the Khalistan Associate ?

Acknowledgement – Recent article of TOI and Internet Searches. Love you WIKI for everything.

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