Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Barbarians of Bribes

The largest nation of the subcontinent has got everything, be it religion, politicians, money, wrath, Frustrated Indians or Bribes. The nation which we swore to protect after 1947, runs with Bribes. Sometimes I think it is in our veins. Hereby, I am proposing some recommendations for both bribe takers, and givers on this auspicious day of Gandhi/Shastri Jayanti. Going forward this will help our nation to become a clean and honest state in terms of Bribes.
  1. There should be a limit to upper and lower bounds of bribes : It becomes difficult for poor people to match up to the bribe of a rich person. There should be absolutely no discrimination based on richness/poorness of the briber.
  2. The Bribes should be non-taxable and classified as white money : This will definitely help to move money back into circulation. As we know people hide their stash. They will at least come out in open and spend the cash for market growth. The non-taxable part is put across because; anyway someone has already paid the tax for bribe money. The Bribe is actually hard earned money, since people work day and night to earn it.
  3. Honesty in Bribe : If a person takes bribe he should fulfill his/her promise. There should not be any cheating once a person has taken bribe. The Person has to honor whatever he/she has promised.
  1. Bribes given to TTE’s/Policemen below sub-inspector level/Other lower level Government employees: These should fall under section 80-C of Income Tax i.e. bribes should be tax free for bribe giver. It should be noted that for the lowest possible salaries TTE's and Policemen are working and that is the reason bribe should be classified under charity
  2. Government should create awards like Bribe Ratan, Bribe Shri etc for the people who have worked exemplary in the field of bribes.
  3. Bribe Rules and Regulations should be made under supervision of Supreme Court of India: A committee can be postulated for this. Moreover these rules and regulations should be introduced in school syllabus so that nation’s legacy can be remembered and continued.
  4. There should be reservation in bribes as well for SC/ST/OBC/Minorities/Female/Senior Citizen etc: A clear set of guidelines from a bench of Mayawati and Mulayam will definitely help people.
  5. Anti-Bribe people should be sent to correctional facilities where only Bribe prevails. This will clear up their mind and will help their move to mainstream and realistic India.
  6. There is no number 4 in the list and you did not even notice, because I was bribed to write only 9 points. 
More rules can be added to this post. Push the rules in your comments. Don’t forget that I am SleepingGhost and a Frustrated Indian. I am frustrated by choice and sleepy by nature. If you bribe me well, I may start writing under your name. 
And yeah finally - Gandhi Ji, if you are reading this, then you must know that we have got your picture on every currency of India. See we are trying to implement a system that would be transparent and absolutely honest.
Love you Gandhi Ji and Happy Gandhi/Shastri Day!

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