Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cabinet Reshuffle – A Grand Circus

An ordinary man a Frustrated Indian, who does not know what Cabinet or State Minister is, must have seen the circus which was set up by Congress this Sunday. This was the final shuffling of the cards way before the Grand Game of Poker which is also known as Lok Sabha Elections 2014.
SleepingGhost is not an expert on Politics though he always tried to make it sound otherwise but looking at this political juggling, SleepingGhost started thinking like a politician who has to keep his party and people satisfied. A political outfit which has to show that they mean business and no one can hinder them from taking strong decisions. Yes that is what they must have been thinking during the reshuffle, must have been jubilant after it, that how easily they can screw the people and deviate their attention from corruption to nascent stages of politics.
I am definitely not the voice of India, but I think that I am frustrated enough to speak on behalf of other Frustrated Indians. When I saw this cabinet reshuffle I was sulk listening to Jan-Gan-Man and seeing the people who have not only tarnished themselves but us as well, yes “us as well”, these people are representing our mandate in Parliament and we are equally responsible for letting them rape us repeatedly.
The first one who caught my attention was Twitter Kroor (Shashi Tharoor), this person was out from the ministry for more than 2 Years on charges of benefitting his Girl Friend Sunanda Pushkar from stake in IPL Kochi Team. At that time Sunanda Pushkar was a mere girl friend but her solidarity to Twitter Kroor was later awarded with marriage (LOL). Personally I like Kroor, in a way he represents young India who rarely goes to vote but the charges against him were never dropped and may be Congress thought of those 2 years as a correctional vanwaas and brought him back.
The other person with (dis)abilities who caught not only my attention but even attention of people having IQ level equivalent to Arindam Chaudhury. The Great Balwaan Khurshid, he is definitely Balwan. Not only his blood boils but he has got accented English and is a fan of “18 Till I Die” from Bryan Adams. The reason he has been awarded an upgrade to ministry is that, he is a pure sycophant who will even die for Muniya Ji (Sonia Ji). Balwaan who is congested with corruption charges, has been spanked like a little kid by media, gets a promotion and surprises everyone. It also sends message that be a bootlicker loyalist and we will reward you for your deeds. I read a lot about him and Hina Rabbani on social networks and I have complete faith over information available in social network.
Speaking about Funn-ish Tewari (Manish) I truly respect him. He is the rightful choice to replace imbecility of Dogvijay Singh. It sounds funny and definitely it is funny, that he has been awarded Information and Broadcasting Ministry. I am running out of synonyms of word sycophant and to portray how good my vocabulary is I went to thesaurus and founded a word called “lackey” which can be eventually used for synonyms of attendant, butler etc. So now I have a word and expressing my right to speech I can boldly say that Funnish Tewari serves bed tea to Rahul Gandhi and that tea is the reason why Amul Kid is so retarded.
K. Rahman Khan replacement of Balwaan Khurshid, is a big name and representative of a minority. Since K. Rahman Khan is a BIG name I will just shorten it and call him KRK. Now do I need to say anything more? By the way if anyone does not know KRK, he/she needs to brush up his/her social networking skills.
I have heard that Chiranjeevi the Lungi Clad Mega Star has been awarded tourism ministry on recommendation of Pratibha Patil. Being a believer I always believe whatever people say to me. Even I have complete faith in Arindam Chaudhury but that is another topic which I will cover someday when I will discuss education for stupid youth in India.
An important ministry which was always in hands of RailGadi Didi has been given to Pawan Kumar Bansal, he looks like a media shy person, and I went to wiki, was not able to find much on him. May be he is skillfully clean or an undercover agent. But his surname reminds me of Bansal Classes which promises confirm birth in IIT. May be he is one of those Bansal who turned into politician after failing HSS exam.
Legacy politics is something which I understand and hope Sachin and Jyotiraditya understand too. Some media person was saying that Jyotiraditya inclusion is surprising because he has never participated in rally, debate or parliament. So what dude? Get your facts straight, the Blue Eyed Amul Kid of Indian Politics never participated in Parliament and is praised everywhere for his mental sharpness.
Moily has become oily and Reddy has been left Red faced. A definite move of Congress has been to award more to South than North. This reshuffle was to award the loyalists, to make a point that Congress is not afraid of any allegations unless proven, and to strengthen the Southern part of subcontinent. Everyone has observed that the states where Congress presence is weak are not participating in this reshuffle. This is a cold message to INC members, get us seats and we will reward you. If you cannot get us seats then atleast participate in the Mega Circus and prove with your blood that you are a dire loyalist.
PS – Amul Kid has not participated again in the government. How can he poise for PM when he is so afraid of getting his hands tainted? How long you are planning to call youself youth? When my Dad moved to his 40’s, he started calling me young. He gave me all of his funky shirts and moved to sober colors. Amul Kid, when you are moving?

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