Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dream On....

Once again am here to create my own space. Sometimes I dream, sometimes I remember and sometimes I forget. When I remember those dreams, I always try to interpret the hidden meaning behind them. No.....don't even think that I have read Sigmund Freud (Interpretation of Dreams), they are just dreams and I treat them my way.

Long back in Kolkata, the first day when I shifted to a new place (I lived almost for 2 years at this place), I had a dream. I saw a friend of mine as a ghost, I was aghast, and shivering with the sensation of it. That moment only I started wandering that, why did I saw this dream, it never came back though. I tried to derive the meaning out of it, that is this a warning ? or some kind of a message that the future will deliver. I thought over it many times, I laughed that its not possible, that person can't be a ghost. Eventually I forgot it completely.

Later stages, I had my share of turmoils in life and it was up to some extent due to association with the same person. I languished for the same, and I realized that the dream was entirely true. It was indeed a warning which I let pass. It was clearly indicated to me that this person will haunt you. I should have given due weightage to that dream of mine. Anyways over the time my close friends keep reminding that, am a nagger, who always keep feeding dirt to the past. Henceforth I will not shovel more that why I didn't followed my conscience.

I quit smoking. It's almost around 7 months. Yesternite in sleep, I saw myself smoking. This was the second time that I saw myself smoking in dream. In dream I even, cursed myself after smoking, that why I did it and once again am back to this stupid stuff. I was also craving to smoke in the dream. A few months back I was in Germany, there people used to smoke anywhere, everywhere. I was just scolding myself that, why didn't I waited for more time to quit.

Over the time, I don't feel like smoking any more. I don't even know that smoking falls into my hidden desires or not ? I am still rambled with the dream, what it was signifying ?

Was it signifying the burnt desires or the ashes over time ?
May be it was signifying the ones who let themselves burnt for the salvage of mine ?
Was it saying me to to go back in the clouds of smoke so that I can't see any faces ?
Was it showing me, the all rest, no more pieces,the destiny of mine ?


Amit Ojha said...

sahi hai, muje bhi lagta hai ki sapne me kuch matlab hota hai but sala matlab pata lagne me bahut der lagti hai.

yaad rahe sapna to matlab apne aapnikalt ahai

we are after all humans...

Harjeet S. Rakhra said...

Fear of dreams...interpretation of dreams....titsy-bitsy dreams...morning dreams..sweet n sour dreams....scary dreams...
There are helluva dreams.. or adjectives of dreams. And it seems u have gone in depth of dreams and still aspiring to dig even deeper. Excellent...thought provoking article. Apologies for late comment..was bit busy.. but its better late than never..wat say dude?
So keep penning about the "The real Virtual World Of Dreams"....ooppsss...sorry Self-publicity... ki karaa?? control hi nahi hundaa.. :)

RUPAK_REWA said...

I'm extremely jealous, he's getting his form back,
ufff Smoke!Smoke!!Smoke!!!
My Chair's Cushion is burning, let me Chill out.

Abhishek said...
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Abhishek said...

Itna sapna mat dekh. Sutta mat pi. Meaning nikal ne ki koshish mat kar. Amit Ojha ki baat mat sun. Woh perfect gandu hai. Agar darawni sapne aye to agle din se apna diet thoda sa change kar de. Dreams don't have any meaning, woh chahe neend mein koyee mast ladki aa k tumhe line de rahi ho to bhi nahin. Aur kabhi agar galti se bhi kuchh sach ho jaye, that is pure coincidence.